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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Plane Spotting!

My wife & I spent a hot summer's morning watching the comings & goings at Sydney Airport. Our photography skills are amateurish, but here are some of the highlights.
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6:30 am. Scorching summer sunrise over Port Botany & runway 34

A bit of horsing around next to runway 34L

Terrorists. Definitely terrorists.

The good thing about a national carrier like Air Pacific is that if it's not in Fiji, you always no where it's going.

"Like a Virgin...taxi-ing for the very first time...."

Retro paint job on this Thai B747

The kid in the candy shop

Regional Express ("REX") Saab 340B with the old, decommissioned tower in the background

All dressed up for the annual Tamworth Country Music Festival

Tiger prowling!

Rare in Australia, the A321

In the absence of the delayed B787, Qantas has refurbished & repainted some of its old B767s

Love this shot of the Virgin B737-800

A bit grubby...

Hawker 850XP registration "BMW"

Brothers in Arms

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