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Friday, 11 January 2013

Just Pay for the Sandwich & Shut Up!

There are some places where you know in advance that the food & drinks are going to be ridiculously overpriced, & you're just going to have to grin & bear it. I learnt that the hard way buying the kids lunch at Warner Bros Movie World years ago. You just hand over multiples of $50 notes & don't ask questions. Airports are also a common places for this phenomenon to occur, & airlines that charge for their in-flight meals are no different. Sure, you might not have to pay $10 for a chicken sandwich at the local take away shop, but I think you'd agree the lease on a Boeing 737 is a little higher than those on take away shops too.

Photo: CRAP
This week a passenger on a Virgin Australia flight from Darwin to Perth objected to paying $10 for a celebrity chef-created  "gourmet chicken & salad sandwich", complete with "roast chicken, coleslaw, lettuce & tomato on mixed-grain bread". (It actually sounds quite nice!). After shouting at flight attendants & reportedly pushing one down the aisle, the passenger was handcuffed & removed from the rest of the passengers while the captain turned the plane around & flew an hour back to Darwin to hand him over to federal police.

Darwin to Perth is a 4 hour flight, so obviously passengers might get a bit hungry. But I think these are one of those times when if you haven't brought your own snacks, you've just got to pay up & smile. And by the sounds of that sandwich, it might have even been worth it!

Check out the Virgin Australia inflight menu here: http://www.virginaustralia.com/cs/groups/internetcontent/@wc/documents/webcontent/~edisp/the-menu-january-2013.pdf

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